Enterprising Marketeers

Strategic Scientific are proud to be assisting the final year students at the Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences with their Enterprise Project option.
Each year final year undergraduates are given the choice between lab based research project and enterprise projects where they create professional level market research reports for University and Scottish based innovations and young companies.
SSC have been involved in this process for the past 3 years and are constantly impressed by the quality of the reports provided across Medical Devices, therapeutics, software and other life sciences related market sectors.
Strathclyde are to be praised for embracing such appropriate training for their students as they encourage them to develop skills appropriate for the work place across the whole spectrum of science activities including business, marketing and sales.

Sustainable Company Growth

Sheila Ash will be presenting in Helsinki at the BioIT seminar on 18th Sept 2013

Sheila will be talking about how to create sustainable business within the Global Bio-IT market and contributing to a discussion on the best ways to achieve Internationalisation for small businesses in niche markets.

Enterprise Academy / S100 winners

Last night at the Strathclyde 100 group meeting the finalists of the Strathclyde Enterprise Academy 2013 pitched their business ideas...and iGROW was deemed the worthy winner.

This is an excellent program that Cait Murray has been fortunate to be involved in to provide the Markets and Marketing teaching session.
The teams are created at the beginning of the 3 days intensive course and they are required to come up with an idea and a credible business plan brief at the end . The finalists then work further on their concepts, get to pitch to s100 and win the opportunity to develop their ideas further with some expert help.

Well done the team!