Keynote Presentation at Helsinki Seminar

SSC are very proud to be associated with the new R&D research program from TEKES which follows on from the survey of the opportunities of cross-pollination of Bioinformatics skills into new market areas.

The Bio-IT program  kicked off in Helsinki with an intensive seminar session combining English and Finnish presentations with an audience of approximately 100 people.

The Keynote Presentation was an overview of the potential markets and the key-players given by Cait Murray. This included a brief introduction to each of the 30 international consultants that have been generous enough to get involved with the program.  Further presentations were given by Roal, Medisapiens, and Roche Diagnostics of Finland and Eagle Genomics of Cambridge UK all speaking about how to create growth and success in the world of Bioinformatics and related industries.

The meeting included a networking 1-2-1 area where attendees were actively speaking with each other and learning about interests and possibilities for getting involved with the program.

Further information on the Tekes plans for the Bio-IT program can be found

Further development of SSC Services

Work has started on further developing the services that SSC offers. We have now more associates and can offer a more tailored and integrated set of mentoring skills from understanding marketing and how to create a strategy, sales and business development training, operational and management strategy development and technology transfer and handling out-sourced contracts. These will be available as part of a long-term partnership (2 years generally) where our staff become embedded in your organisation, or as discreet courses.

SSC in Vienna

Business meetings in Vienna can be recommended when mixed with some relaxation time as well. SSC have been strengthening ties with their contacts in the Graphic Design world and discussing the next generation SSC website.