Idea Ready - Pre Start Up

Idea Ready - Pre-Start Up

Cait's support for our Enterprise students surpassed expectations from the start and she has now made herself indispensable to the Hub and is a valued contributor to the wider SIPBS community.

Catherine Breslin, Research and Knowledge Exchange, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK
SSC works with researchers and Innovation teams as well as independent entrepreneurs to help them understand the commercial potential of their ideas and to create spin-outs and license agreements with external partners.
Since 2010 we have undertaken projects in the Environmental Sciences, Bio-IT world, Medical Devices and Drug Discovery areas including market background studies for Investment purposes, creating strategy for re-launch of failing products and understanding competitive pricing. We have provided Market Research reports to inform and guide companies to success, written business plans and applied for funding to move ideas and business opportunities forwards.
SSC's experience ranges from studies such as a report into the potential for Bioinformatics skills to cross-pollinate into new markets outwith traditional pharmaceutical research for TEKES, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, to working with individual companies to understand all of their market potential before finalising and launching new products.
Our in-depth knowledge of the needs of the Life Sciences and Environmental Sciences industries make us ideal partners. Our team's experience and often PhD level understanding of the technical aspects of your products and services and the breadth of our network ensures that the reports produced are specific and relevant to your company and technology.

We provide
  • Research for forecasting market trends
  • Market assessment for business potential of new products and services
  • Competition Analysis
  • IP strategy
  • Business Plan support
  • Funding Application support
  • Assistance with finding interested potential investors, early-adopter customers and partners

An extensive market research report that Strategic Scientific Consulting conducted for us fulfilled our high expectations. On a highly complex and scientifically specialized field SSC managed to come up with results that very accurately defined the key challenges and have been proved relevant by our customer companies from different industry areas

Dr Pauli Saarenketo, Chief Technology Adviser, Pharmaceutical Industry, Tekes

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