Concept Ready - Start Up

Concept Ready - Start Up

We work differently.  SSC can work with you on specific projects or we can partner with you to guide you towards success over a greater length of time. Our associates are paired specifically with our clients. Associates are selected based a deep understanding of your science and technology, your marketing and your requirements.
Do you need help to manage your transition from idea to reality?

The role that SSC plays is to help you develop and  execute your business plan and to ensure that your marketing strategy is successful. We establish relationships with key customers and a sustainable sales growth plan whilst transferring skills and confidence to your organisation.
Do your plans match your customers requirements?
Now that your idea has been proven conceptually - is it feasible? Are your plans aligned with the market and the requirements of  your customer base - have you checked? Recently?
SSC has a full complement of skills to be able to work with your team to help you create a business plan suitable for funding applications, raising investment and for internal purposes.

SSC will work with your team and specficially the senior staff to review the progress so far and assist the creation of a workable, achieveable, successful plan for the next phase. This is normally achieved through discussions and workshops rather than a formal teaching environment. Brain-storming, capturing the ambitions and aspirations of all who are driving the company and those who are delivering your products/services, identifying areas for improvement are all parts of the landscape which are brought together to map out your road ahead.
Additionally SSC has experience of regional development support from various European public funding bodies (eg SMART funding in Scotland, Tekes applications in Finland) and participated in consortium applications for EU Horizon 2020 applications.
SSC can assist you
  • Develop and execute a business plan
  • Ensure that the marketing strategy is successful
  • Establish relationships with key customers
  • Create a sustainable sales growth plan
  • Transfer skills and confidence to your organisation
  • Provide interim manangement

SSC have been working with us since 2014. We are in the process of forming a biotechnology company from the University of Strathclyde. The excellent support and advice they have given us has helped us to transition from being academic chemists with a good idea to being entrepreneurs. Their contacts and experience have been invaluable in the early stages of our spin-out formation, and they have produced a high quality business plan and SMART award application for us to allow us to move the business forward successfully.

Dr Ryan Taylor, Founder, CuanTec


Frederic proposed, and then implemented our international business development strategy (marketing and sales) according to the plans, involving resources from and outside of SSC. This strategy was clearly communicated and explained, and progress is regularly reported. Beyond the business development strategy, market knowledge and experience, what I appreciate with Frederic are his relationship building and development skills at various levels of an organization, as well as his international and diversified network.

Cedric Merlot, CEO, drug design tech, Switzerland 

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