Training & Mentoring

Training and mentoring allow scientists to build new skills and confidence to engage fully with the commerical world. Training courses bring the skills in a practical manner, engaging the participants in a scientific and technical way with the concepts. These skills can be further developed and refined through mentoring as required.
SSC offer several options for training through their Business JUMPSTART® program. Business JUMPSTART® is a specially designed collection of courses that SSC have developed for scientists and technologists to improve their commercialisation skills. All courses can be tailored to specific needs and topics of interest. Delivery is fully flexible and options include:
  • Half day and full day courses with a single trainer to introduce the concepts of commercialisation.
  • Full day courses with mutliple trainers to introduce concepts and examine them with a workshop session.
  • Multiday courses to work on specific commercialisation and communication skills.
  • Delivery can be tailored to specific needs and topics of interest.
Complete beginners who need to start to understand the business world can attend the short How to courses to get a flavour of what commercialisation involves and bring this knowledge back into their daily jobs to improve understanding of concepts such as Impact for improving applications and reports.
For novices with commericalisation ambitions there is Ground Zero. SSC has created an introductory course specifically for scientists who wish to enter or learn about the commercial world. For those more advanced or who need to specifically think about presentations we have Pitch Perfect

SSC also offer specific Leadership and Management days where strategy and specific skills can be worked on by your senior team.
Dedicated Sales Training is also offered with full-day and multi day courses offered as open courses and in-house programs.

If you have other areas of requirement please contact us for a specific discussion.

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