Ground Zero

Ground Zero - Foundation Commercialisation Skills

Business JUMPSTART®  Ground Zero  will take you through
  • Maximising the value of IP
  • Securing funding
  • Building the optimum team
  • Principles of marketing
  • Developing a marketing and sales strategy
  • Presenting your business opportunity
Starting from basic or zero knowledge to presenting a credible and polished business proposition in just 2.5 days can give your business just the kick it needs to really engage your team or to get the strategy and plan for a new product just right.
The course provides both learning and workshop sessions, often carrying on into the evening each day, in an intense format, with presentations and feedback on the morning of the third day.
Depending on the participants this course can involve working on either a real or imaginary idea. It will help you understand the information that you require to present your technology or innovation in a business setting and provide you the time and skills to work on your project.
An unforgettable experience, putting you in touch with your non-technical skills and stepping you right out of your comfort zone!

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