How To....

How To...

Business JUMPSTART® "How To"series of courses
Everyone has to start somewhere. Even if that first step is only to learn what the concepts of commercialisation are about so as to help scientists and researchers plan for the future and the breadth of options that could be open to them and in the meantime improve their understanding of the impact of the business world on their work today.
These courses are of interest to academic researchers wanting to understand how to deal with IMPACT, or perhaps larger commercial organisations with R&D departments who want to include their researchers in innovations for the future. Sometimes it is a welcome, first step, presented in an accessible way that helps to stimulate interest in the business angles and how their work fits with the commercial world.
SSC can provide a half-day or full-day courses in areas such as 
How to Write Better Research Proposals
◦   An introduction to including market information and external valuations into a proposal for funding.
 How to Create a Strategy for Publication and Patenting
◦   An introduction into IP planning and strategy, how to evaluate the benefits and schedule publications and applications.
 How to Assess Impact of your Research
◦   An introduction into the meaning of Impact for Researchers, how to plan for future measurable indicators.
 How to set up a business from your research
◦   Step-wise guide and practical introduction to planning a business from research and how to work with your institution to make it happen.
* The material used for each course  is tailored to your specific organisation, market and issues arising. These are not just courses, they are workshops, they are rehearsal studios for new skills, they provide participants with the ability to return to the workplace and immediately step up the tempo.

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