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Sales Training


This is a top notch team with extraordinary experience in successful selling, managing and training in a scientific, clinical, biopharm world ... the best

Steve Herbert, Senior Vice President Sales & Business Development at Cytel
In small companies everyone needs to be a sales person and be able to effectively communicate the business proposition of your company successfully. Scientists and Technologists often find it's a challenge with strange concepts and language which feels uncomfortable.           

As scientists that have already made the tranistion to successful sales representatives and managers SSC are the best option for training staff to sell niche technical products and services into complex scientific industries and other related high-tech areas. These skills are taught in a friendly, scientific manner where the process of sales is given clarity and easy to follow methodology without "marketing-speak" clouding the purpose. This provides an invaluable way to improving marketing communications and create an environment for successful sales to take place.
The Business JUMPSTART® Sales Beginner course provides a tool for ensuring fundamental sales skills are refreshed and practiced and can also ensure that new products are understood by salesreps, application scientists and product managers before introducing them to your customer base. For management this can be a means to improve internal communication and focus all of your team on the end goal of getting your technology successfully into the market place.
SSC also provide Business JUMPSTART® Advanced Sales Training for established sales representatives and management.
This can prove invaluable when you know that you have a sales team that works well, works hard and still isn't making targets.  It diagnoses the issues and provides the remedy
At other times you can have salespeople who blast through targets one year and can't get off the ground with new business the next. Again this course can determine what is going wrong.
SSC have developed a unique approach to enable managers and the strategists of scientific companies find out what is really happening within their sales process.
We can work with your team and their supporting technical or scientific colleagues to allow you to diagnose any problem areas that exist and provide sales focussed solutions, tailor-made for your team, your products and your market place.
Courses are 2 days intensive residential tuition and can be stand-alone or incorporated into larger corporate gatherings such as sales meetings. Please contact us for more details and to discuss your specific requirements.
Open courses for smaller groups (less than 6) from each company or individuals seeking to improve their skills are also available.

I second what Steve says. I have personally worked with these people who (very!) successfully transitioned from science to technical sales and marketing, and I'm very happy to confirm that they have trousers to match the mouth! For the sake of transparency, this recommendation was made without any solicitation by SSC.

Paul Whittles, European Sales Manager at Sirius Analytical Ltd.

I participated in sales training with Frederic and Cait in my first role as a business development executive. The skills and organisational strategies I learned during the training have been abundantly useful to me in my career so far, helping me to build sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships with clients.

In different roles, time and time again I have returned to the material from this training to assist me in focusing my efforts constantly on the customer and ensuring that the sales process is smooth and that my forecasting is accurate.

Lucy Mack, Associate Consultant at Maxwell Drummond International

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