You've Had Time to Think ........ ?

It is said that everyone has a novel in them, but I wonder does everyone have a business idea in them as well??

Throughout the world people have been encouraged to stay home as much as possible and whilst that has been tough on a species that is naturally social, it does also allow a LOT of thinking time. And from those quiet moments a new generation of silent entrepreneurs are forming.

People all over the place, are thinking I could make a business about my bright shiny new idea. Some of them will be talking to their friends and families, sounding it out. Talking allows to try and find the pitfalls and to adjust the plan to make it more solid, more credible – and importantly – more fundable.

Not everyone wants to talk to people around them about their wonderful creative exciting opportunities, some people want to talk to people who have walked the path before, who have experience of taking the crazy notion and finding the inner workable business inside.

Some of those ideas will be technological, some pure science and others are simply a better way to do things to make our communities better and our lives happier and hopefully also less impactful for the environment.

Perhaps we can be that sounding board? SSC really enjoy helping young businesses become the best that they can be.

Please watch out for some hints and tips that we are preparing on YouTube and if they inspire you to let loose your inner silent entrepreneur and get in contact.