Watch one, Do one, Teach One

The world of a business expert at SSC is a strange one.

We are constantly learning new things, trying to understand the cutting-edge of technology in many market areas, trying to make contacts with all sorts of vibrant and interesting people and companies to be able to make connections. We are always watching.

We are also not afraid to roll-up our sleeves and provide practical support where it is needed. Sometimes it is the right thing to do to be immersed in a company for the length of a project and share knowledge from the inside not just through a report or presentation.

Recently SSC in Scotland has been working with two young companies who are wanting to take their ideas and introduce them to the world. They want to ideally be able to obtain grant and investment funding to then allow them to take their prototypes and develop them into successful products and to grow their companies around that, enabling employment and revenue.

It is a pleasure and a privledge to see their progress and the changes they are making.

For us it is also the proof of our own skills as that "Teach One" element of mentoring is an art. I think the mark of a true expert is in being able to understand the influence of communication within business enough to be able to encourage and guide others to embrace those skills and use them to move their own businesses forwards.

It might be a strange world at times, but it is hugely rewarding to be trusted with such a depth and quality of new technologies as they make their journey forward to market and commercial success.