Seeds of Enterpreneurship

Entrepreneurship is a strange beast. It is a rite of passage for some people, an experience never to be undertaken twice. For others it can be a lifelong addiction. It is definitely not for everyone!

Entrepreneurs are also a bit out of the ordinary themselves, but there is not a set personality type that makes for success or failure. There are many people who make creating a business look easy. They might be inspirational at explaining their complex ideas and getting others to believe that it is going to be possible. They might be doggedly determined to keep trying, perhaps quietly in their basement, until they manage to get the correct formula for success.

One thing that we have noticed at SSC as a team, is that when we participate in, or coach on, entrepreneur/commercialisation courses there are often a majority of “out of towners” signed up.

There is something in the personal challenge of moving for university or employment, away from your home, or going to another country and learning to live around another culture (and often language) that feeds an entrepreneur spirit.

Perhaps relocation gives people the confidence to try new things, perhaps the relocation gives people a new set of vocabulary and cultural references to be able to communicate their thoughts better. Perhaps we just see the world in a different light and can spot new ways to do things, ways that would be normal back home, but in this new environment bring innovation and improvements.

Whatever the cause, it does seem to be a truth that holds across all geographies that SSC has been lucky enough to work in.

Its another tangible benefit of immigration and to be celebrated!