Mentoring New Innovation

Over the past couple of months SSC have been busy helping new start-ups find their feet.

TWEFDA in Aberdeen, Scotland is a pre-operations renewable energy company that Cait is helping to prepare for funding applications from grant bodies and for pitches to interested investors.

TWEFDA Ltd is developing an Energy Device (Es-Wave)  with dual functionalities production and storage, addressing the two biggest challenges that the Energy Market is facing right now with one single device. It is also capable of economically repurposing aged offshore oil & gas producing assets after their end of economic recovery.

They have a patent applied for innovation that will provide sustainable renewable energy and energy storage of marine and tidal energy that can be deployed in Scotland and any coastal region globally. This tackles the major challenges of renewables: providing reliable 24/7 supply to the grid from a relatively small footprint that does not harm marine life.

TWEFDA’s MD, Javier Dominguez explains

I'm a Marine Engineer, an Associate Member of The Royal Institution of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, and I have been awarded the Euro Engineer distinction after more than 20 years in the industry. I was also part of the 2nd Cohort of Grey Matters.

I am an entrepreneur by nature. I have owned and managed a 24-people company with a €1 million turnover, as well as an LED bulb and control system business in Aberdeen. As an inventor, I patented internationally a ‘Folding Package with Variable Volume’ which was awarded the Silver Medal at the 27th International Invention Fair of Geneva, back in 1999.

Cait is helping me to really clarify my thinking about how to explain TWEFDA as a company and the first product ES-WAVE to the world. Together we are creating a proper portfolio of business documents to present to potential investors and also to support grant applications alongside costed work-plan to take the idea from TRL 2 to commercialisation and market. I have directed businesses before but my language needs to progress to be able to communicate with ‘money people’ and working with SSC who can understand my technology but who also understand the funding maze has been invaluable.

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