Midsummer Mentoring

This year SSC has been giving others a helping hand through some mentoring and advice sessions. We ran a mid-summer competition offering 3 mentoring sessions as a prize to young companies that needed a little extra support.

In Finland we have been working with FinnAdvance, (https://www.finnadvance.fi/) a biology solution company in Oulu who are developing organ-on-chip which closely replicate the in human environment for the pharmaceutical industry.  SSC have been providing a sounding board to assist them in finding the next steps for funding their product development. Most of our discussions have been about the maze of grant applications and how to best navigate them.

Finland has a great choice of support mechanisms at local (ELY), at national (Business Finland) and international (EU Horizon Europe) levels. Increasingly all of these are looking for opportunities to support business to expand their teams, to expand their export potential and also to incorporate more sustainability goals into their thinking.

Jari Moilanen, COO says “It is always helpful to talk with others who have more experience and working with SSC has been an easy way to better understand the challenges and to improve our proposals.”