Grant Applications - increasingly important for early stage commercialisation

Start-up and early-stage funding is a challenge and one that has been recognised by the EU and national level innovation support for many years. In these times more grants are being awarded on a competitive basis which makes getting the application right first time imperative. There is also an increasing need to be able to show detailed market research and to have established the beginnings of relationships with potential first customers.

Finland and Scotland have a range of grant support available for companies wanting to create new products and also for researchers wanting to create new companies. Both countries have an enviable track record in innovation and a solid reputation for respecting environmental needs, which makes their researchers and young companies well positioned for being included in consortia-style applications.

SSC is able to boast of an impressive track record in helping with funding assistance both in Scotland and in Finland. Multiple applications for Tutli/Research 2 Business have been successful, we have helped TWEDFA get selected onto the prestigious Unlocking Ambition, secured COVID related loan support for start-ups and many other innovation related funding areas.

Recently we have formed a partnership with Culmentor of Finland to enhance our abilities and resource to offer support for EU-funding applications, not only for Scottish and Finnish companies but for any early stage innovators that want our assistance. This will be an area that will become increasingly important for all researchers academic and industrial as the world responds to the need for rapid transition to green technologies and sustainable business practices and offers a great opportunity for international solutions for some of the biggest global challenges.  EU Horizon Europe funding gets underway early next year.


If you are considering local, national or EU level funding applications next year, please get in contact to see if we can help to improve your chances of success.


“We received valuable support for evaluating the potential of our Insect Repellent Tutli-project from Anna-Marja (Strategic Scientific Consulting Finland)” Preethy Paul, Project Researcher, Åbo Akademi University

(SSC also offer support for Innovate UK applications)