Identify your Opportunity and Go for It!

There is an art to market research which greatly appeals to the SSC team.

Taking a blank sheet and filling it with the latest knowledge on the status of a market sector and analysing the available information on the market drivers and trends is very satisfying.

Being able to match up opportunities with clients plans for technical achievements and provide guidance to which sectors are the most accessible enables us to look at risks and likelihoods of success through the lens of amazing technologies and opens our minds to new possibilities and visions of the future.

Market research has been central to SSC business since we started up.

We have worked with ideas from life sciences – new therapeutics, new markets for older treatments, medical devices and also enabling technologies in diagnostics. These fit well with both Ansku’s and Cait’s strong background in Chemistry and time in the Pharma/Biotech industries. 

We have also worked on environmental projects sometimes where they overlap with chemical/biological areas such as algae/macroalgae but we have also taken on projects as wide ranging from environmentally sustainable telecommunications masts to assessing markets for new technology for desalination and energy storage technology.

Recently, we have been expanding our reach and gotten involved in projects around pivoting businesses during Covid and post-Brexit. This is enabling us to bring our deep understanding of Sustainable Development into play and providing insight into how businesses can make the most of all the economic, social and environmental viable skills, actions and ethos that they have to help prevent us going back entirely to “normal”.  It is also allowing us to dust off our digital marketing skills and engage with B2C clients that have a closer relationship with their end-user/customer base.

Whatever the market sector, SSC can help to create suitable market research that points you to the next steps and which is suitable for inclusion in business plans, grant applications and business competition entries.