Being Able to See Both the Wood and the Trees

It’s traditional to start the new year with a new strategy, to get you out of bad habits and to help you embrace the future with personal goals that you have identified as desirable to allow your life to move forward. It’s often the same in business. January can be quiet after a hectic end of year and it’s a good time to review and set new targets.

Of course, it could be anytime of the year that you pick – its more about being able to take yourself, perhaps with your colleagues, away from “normal business” and be able to think about strategy for a day or two.

It’s not just sales or revenue targets.

It could be about what new products are needed and what new IP can be created. It could be about investment strategy and how that could be partnered with grants to leverage the greatest value. It could be about marketing and taking time to assess if your current customers are who you think they are and where you might be able to expand into new sectors.

SSC has been working to create a range of workshops to help you, including a Business Strategy Review, Grant Application Sense-Checks, Market Research and Sustainable Development Advice.


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