Oulu University Case Study

In December 2018, the SSC team were in Oulu University giving a Business Jumpstart® - one day course (1/2 +1/2 days, sequential days), that was to help participants to describe their expertise.

Participants chose from three groups:

1) Developing Research -writing an application for research funding (e.g. Finnish Academy, Horizon2020 or Business Finland),
2) Developing Self - applying a job/wanting to change your current job description,
3) Developing Business Ideas - wanting to apply commercialisation funding (e.g. Tutli funding of Business Finland).

In each case the participants focussed on answering the “what is it?” question to succinctly desire their core USP.

Groups were kept small (max 10 people) to allow efficient coaching (1 coach for each group) and interactions inside and between groups and the work was split across two days to allow time for reflection and private development of their ideas.

  • First day each group evaluated the most important matters of their subject and presented the summary to all participants.
  • Second day each participant worked with their own subject sharing and receiving ideas/comments from their group members and coaches. End of the day every participant, who wanted, gave a pitch of their subject and received feedback from all participants and coaches. This provided them valuable information helping them further develop their messages.

This work-shop style allowed the participants a good balance between freedom of expression with the ability to push their own boundaries and a learning environment.

As with all SSC courses they were all working on real ideas, real situations and able to take their experience directly back into their own projects and continue to move them forwards.

The course was inspirational, educational and enlightening and I really enjoyed both days and the tasks given to us. The course helped me in recognising my strengths, applying them into broader use and especially for converting my skills into value. The pitch talk task prepared me nicely for the job interviews and gave me confidence for future job hunting."

Johanna Korvala, PhD, University of Oulu