MediSapien Case Study


MediSapiens are a leading bioinformatics company based in Helsinki who worked with SSC between 2016-2018 to develop their international sales presence and sales strategy.

We worked together with SSC for two years. Our partnership involved sales representation of MediSapiens in select territories where we did not have local sales personnel. We decided to pursue this route before recruiting full-time local employees, and it made perfect sense investment-wise. Our partnership enabled us to tackle a new market - in terms of learning about the specific market modalities, raising awareness and establishing and fostering new customer contacts - while keeping costs in check. Throughout the two years, it was a genuine delight to work together with SSC. Their expertise both in the biotech sector as well as in commercial operations and strategy helped us not only in customer development, but also in organisational development.

One of the best things working with SSC has been their upfront and straightforward way of working. It has always been easy to discuss, plan, execute and review together. They’ve never been hesitant to give feedback and ideas. It has always felt as we’re on the same team - one team, regardless of organisational boundaries. That was also commended by the MediSapiens team, and everyone liked a lot to work together.

I also value their sales capabilities to a high level. Their approach is very professional - establishing leads with an open mind, pushing leads forward just the way they should be advanced (steadfast, but respectful and discreet), and constantly learning. They always had the customer’s benefit and value in mind - something I’m positive our customers valued as well.

Overall, I can genuinely recommend working together with SSC. Their passion in developing science-based businesses really shows in what they do."

Marko Kuisma, CCO of MediSapiens (2015-2018)