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Tutli funding of Business Finland

Strategic Scientific Consulting Finland Oy (SSC-FI) is a company registered in Finland and has an extensive experience working in Business Finland funding program called “New Business from Research Ideas/Tutkimuksesta Uutta Liiketoimintaa” (Tutli).

Tutli-program is directed for the Finnish universities and research institutes.

Results of the projects under this program are aimed to be commercialised and thus projects need to include business development, market and customer potential analysis as well as commercialisation planning.

The planning phase of the funding application already needs to include also initial market and customer surveys as well as a plan for commercialisation routes.

SSC has the expertise in helping scientists to include all the market and business information required into their funding application as well as participating as outsourced resource into the project after the positive funding decision is received by the scientists.

SSC has helped in preparation of several funding applications that have succeeded to receive funding.

We have even more funded projects where we have helped to evaluate the business potentials of the innovations.

Innovation Voucher/Innovaatioseteli

The innovation voucher is intended for SMEs engaged in well-established business and who have a new product or service idea with international growth potential and for which the company needs external expertise.

SSC-FI is also a service provider of innovation voucher. If you need help e.g. with IPR or service strategy, evaluation and/or testing of your service, contact us.

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If you would like more information, please contact Anna-Marja Hoffrén, Managing Director of SSC-FI, email: [email protected] or phone: +358-45-278 2595.