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Grant Funding
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Grant Funding
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Applying for Grant Funding?

Start-up and early-stage funding is a challenge. More grants are being awarded on a competitive basis which makes getting the application right first time imperative. 

But we understand your challenges!

  • You know you need funding but what scheme is best aligned to your project?
  • You’ve identified the right funding scheme for you but you’re not clear what resource or time is needed to prepare the proposal for submission
  • Maybe you’re preparing a proposal but "running out of time" before the submission date?
  • Perhaps you’ve already had 1 attempt at funding, been rejected and need to decide what to do next? 
  • Or maybe you just need validation of what you have already put together before submission

SSC can help. Our team of specialists have extensive experience of researching, preparing, reviewing and submitting the right application for successful funding.

We offer tailored coaching sessions to address your particular issue or difficulty; typically 1 day of support delivered flexibly, usually in 4 x 2-hour sessions.

We can help you to:

  • ensure your project is aligned with the scope of your chosen scheme
  • think through best ways to present your case
  • devise a tailored checklist to work through your scheme’s requirements
  • determine the resources needed to complete your application
  • analyse any feedback you’ve had from the scheme provider
  • find an alternative funding scheme better aligned to your project’s scope
  • consider options and/or identify work required to complete an existing project application
    • Help find information sources (eg market research resources available)
    • Assess skills and resources needed...
    • Provide advice on addressing any gaps or areas for improvement

 Email us at [email protected] now to discuss your particular needs.