Change of Leadership at CuanTec (SSC client company)

End of an era, Cait is stepping down from her leading role in CuanTec which will enable her to be more available for projects and courses with SSC.

It's been a marvellous 5 years of working with CuanTec from the earliest stages of idea development to them being one of the acknowledged leaders of the Scottish Bioeconomy that it has become. Now it is time for the next generation of business leadership and growth and onwards to success!


Our wonderful founder, Dr Cait Murray-Green stepped down as CEO on 1st of July. Cait has led the company from its inception through its early stages and delivered many accomplishments to bring the company to where it is today, including winning the Higgs Edge Award in June 2017 and securing investment from Sky Ocean Ventures and the Scottish Investment Bank in 2018.

Cait will remain a non-executive Director of the business and will continue providing strategic advice and broad assistance to the company. We are incredibly thankful to Cait for her dedication to CuanTec and wish her every success in the new ventures she has planned.

Until a new CEO has been recruited, Douglas Mundie will undertake the role of Executive Chairman giving us the benefit of his skills as a CEO and his expert knowledge of the packaging industry. That recruitment is underway now, and until the appointment is secure, the Company will be run day to day by Derek Norwood, Tracy White and Douglas.  The complementary nature of their skills puts CuanTec in a strong position to deliver its next set of milestones.