SSC joins the SynBio Powerhouse in Finland

Synthetic Biology is an important technology area that could have great potential for the sustainable green economy which is emerging in Europe and worldwide. Finland has launched support for companies and researchers in this area to maximise impact of their ideas and reduce timeframes for getting to market.

The SynBio Powerhouse   is an innovation and business ecosystem to develop new products and services in the Synthetic Biology area where companies, research institutions and other supporting organisations often bringing specific skills and expertise are coming together. Cross-industry co-operation is key to giving different perspective and creating new innovative solutions to world problems. The Synbio Powerhouse also will ensure that those new products are a part of solving the world’s pollution and climate emergencies through a focus on bio and circular economy and zero-waste solutions that respect and save virgin natural resources.

Alongside the SynBio Powerhouse ecosystem there is the SynBio Growth Engine   where member companies are able to get deeply involved together in this emerging area. The large companies will be participating in a creative, supportive process to define what projects are the most interesting and to get co-creation, co-innovation projects involving SME and researchers happening across Finland and beyond to solve the big challenges and provide them rapid access to routes to market. This could even develop into a dedicated VC investment fund. All options are open!

This work has started now in 2020 and will continue as a new means of innovation, for as long as companies and problems require solutions.

Strategic Scientific Consulting have been included in Synbio Powerhouse as a partner available to provide services and expertise for market research, application preparation, creating internationalisation strategies within the SynBio Projects that are successful in obtaining funding.