Re-invention of Training Courses

SSC are creatures of habit and we have been habitually visiting Oulu University to work with their students and researchers in Autumn or Early Winter to assist them developing skills and confidence in communicating their expertise. We cover the skills needed for putting yourself forward for a new job, for creating high quality research funding applications and also for developing commercialisation potential of business ideas through a two day course that really seeks to enable participants to move forward rapidly in a very practical hands on way.

It is always fun and always enlightening for trainers as well as attendees.

This year has been different, and has challenged the SSC team to work out how to re-invent the course so it retains the individual attention that we feel really makes the course unique through the on-line environment.

And we feel that we have achieved that.

Therefore we are happy to announce that we will be making on-line versions of our training available in the coming months.

Please contact us for more details.