SynBio Powerhouse Ecosystem

Synbio Powerhouse ecosystem has been initiated and coordinated by VTT to build connections between researchers, businesses, and investors.

Synthetic Biology provides innovative disruptive technologies to replace fossil fuel and toxic substances commonly used in specialist and high-volume consumer goods. Waste streams from industry are repurposed as feedstocks enabling cheaper, faster, and cleaner ways to produce materials needed by many sectors including Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, Chemicals, Plastics, Food and Fuel.

In order to promote commercialisation and improved communications SynBio Powerhouse (VTT) have appointed Macon with a group of expert consultants having multi-discipline technical understanding and substantial industry connections to create stronger relationships.

Macon with Strategic Scientific Consulting Finland and Strategic Scientific Consulting Ltd will together complement the existing knowledge and skills within SynBio Powerhouse. They will assist with identification of innovations from research, matchmaking these with industry needs and moderating co-creation and collaboration, joint research, development, and business as well as investments in the field of the synthetic biology (advanced biotechnology).


SynBio Powerhouse (VTT)

SynBio Powerhouse is a Finland-based ecosystem of companies and research organizations looking for answers in synthetic biology. VTT is a Finnish, fully state-owned research centre and is one of Europe’s leading research institutions. It advances the utilisation and commercialisation of research and technology in commerce and society. VTT has 80 years of experience in cutting edge research and is currently focussed on carbon neutral, sustainable products and materials and digital technologies.


Macon provides expert help for circular economy and the bioeconomy. Based in Oulu they work with many sectors to help them understand their carbon footprint, potential new purposes for their waste streams and to create positive environmental impacts in their products. Macon customers represent large industrial companies, SMEs, development organizations and R&D organizations in Finland and abroad.


Strategic Scientific Consulting Finland Oy (SSC-FI) is a consultancy company based in Raisio which focusses on helping scientists and technologist to build better businesses. They work with researchers and early-stage companies to understand their market opportunities and to equip them with the skills and contacts to be able to grow their business more successfully and rapidly. SSC-FI frequently collaborate with Strategic Scientific Consulting Ltd (SSC-UK) on projects to provide the highest quality outcomes for clients.