Grow Up /Keep on Track Mentoring

Even when you have a company formed and running there is still support and guidance that SSC can provide.

Through our SSC Internationalisation program we can work with you from 6 months to 2 years phases to support you across all sections of your business.

Strategy Support

  • SSC can provide support and guidance for Internationalisation to enable your company to move to the next level.
  • Change management/project management of developing new departments and functions within your company as it grows

Practical help

  • Through our network across Europe we can provide “feet-on-the-ground” as well as advice to enable easier presence at trade shows, conferences and to develop business relationships, even closing sales on your behalf.
  • On-going training in commercial awareness for all staff – vital in a small company where everyone needs to be confident and comfortable talking to external clients, stakeholders and customers.
MediSapien Case Study