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Many technologists and researchers have innovative ideas for products and services that could be of great benefit to the world but sometimes there can be challenges with communicating the technology and science into business. There are always gaps for emerging businesses, always too many things to do and not enough people to do them. The SSC team bridges those gaps.
SSC work with technologists to improve and expand their skills and to grow their ideas right through to successful international companies. SSC have global experience of taking complex science and technology innovations from the bench to business and have themselves travelled the journey from researchers to customer facing roles in companies and onto commericialisation consultants and trainers. We have worked with ideas from many disciplines and many industries from software apps to molecular diagnostics, from energy to food & drink.
Business JUMPSTART® program
SSC have developed a Business JUMPSTART® program to provide training courses at all levels to increase business skills and confidence. These are available as open and in-house options and tailored to individual events.

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We will expand the reputation and credibility of your company and brand from the outset.

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