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Scotland and Finland are countries with much in common. They have similar sized populations, both have a European outlook and most importantly they are countries with many technologists, scientists, and budding entrepreneurs.

SSC is a network of two companies, one in Scotland (Strategic Scientific Consulting Ltd) and one in Finland (Strategic Scientific Consulting Finland Oy), who encourage and support the creation and early-stage development of companies that really can make a difference to the world. 

We work to help you identify and develop the business vision and create plan for funding to support the birth of new companies or new products and services with a technology focus. We are particularly motivated by projects where there is a positive environmental message. We also provide support for social enterprise ideas that can benefit from technology in a community ownership setting.

Our expertise is provided to any organisation globally through practical support delivering projects and also through training your team to be able to do it for themselves.

The combination of the two SSC organisations is invaluable when it comes to supporting emerging companies to Internationalise and place themselves in the global spotlight.


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We will expand the reputation and credibility of your company and brand from the outset.

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